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Personal Injury

Keep more of your money on your personal injury case. Attorney Bargas keeps only 30% of your recovery, compared to other firms who keep as much as 40%.

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Attorney Bargas has represented several multinational corporations on their multi-million dollar litigation. Free consultations available.

Divorce/Custody/Child Support

Free consultations on your divorce, custody and child support cases. Attorney Bargas offers reasonable fees and payment plans on all cases.

Criminal Defense

Affordable, reasonable fees on all misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases. Free consultations and payment plans available.

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Attorney Bargas has hundreds of satisfied clients. Read what they've written about him.

Significant Cases

Attorney Bargas Has Represented and/or Sued Some of the Most Prestigious Companies in the U.S
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  • 2004-2009: Cimarex Energy Company

    Due to his successful trial record, Bargas was contacted in 2004 by another petroleum company out of Denver, Cimarex Energy Company, to represent them in a case involving several complex oil and gas issues including royalty interests. Defending Cimarex, Bargas successfully got a minimal judgment entered against his client. The plaintiffs were demanding 1 billion dollars at the inception of the case, and after 5 long years of litigation, the trial court judge rendered only a $5 million dollar judgment against Bargas' clients--a minimal amount considering the demand.

  • 2002-2008: Valero Energy Corporation

    Bargas left the Watts Law Firm to work as outside counsel for Valero Energy Corporation, the largest refiner in the world. As outside counsel, Bargas handled over 500 cases for the company. From 2002-2008 Bargas worked almost exclusively as outside counsel for Valero Energy Corporation, handling and winning several large cases.

  • 2000-2002: Watts Law Firm

    Bargas was a partner in the Watts Law Firm, a major plaintiffs firm, where he handled accident and personal injury cases.

  • 1998-2000: Two thousand plaintiffs v Citgo, et al (Nueces County Texas)

    Bargas represented Citgo and other major refiners in a lawsuit involving over 2,000 plaintiffs. This case was tried to a jury and was settled just prior to the jury verdict for an undisclosed amount.

  • 1996-1998: Aguirre et al v. BFI (San Patricio County Texas) et al

    Bargas represented over 500 plaintiffs in lawsuits against BFI, the trash disposal company, and other major corporations for contaminating the underground water supply with toxic chemicals. The first bellwether case was tried in 1998. It resulted in a victory for the plaintiffs and was ultimately resolved in settlement.


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Dario Bargas

The best way to evaluate Dario's experience is to review his significant case list which you can do by clicking on that button. During his substantial and successful career, Dario has represented fortune 500 companies and thousands of families and individuals in a wide range of legal issues.

Dario is a trial lawyer that loves challenging cases. He brings substantial experience to the courtroom having handled complex commercial cases, complex personal injury matters contentious divorces with substantial property issues, contentious custody cases, criminal cases and legal matters.

Dario has tried many multi-million dollar cases to a jury, and if you require this type of experience, you should interview Dario today for your important legal matter.

When searching for your attorney, you have the absolute right to ask that attorney how many cases he/she has handled in the area in which you seek counsel. Do not hire an inexperienced attorney to handle your important legal matter. Come see Dario today for your free initial consultation. Dario also offers payment plans on almost every case.

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Attorney Bargas has worked with hundreds of clients. Read what they have written about him.


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